Race for the Cure

Here we are, in October, and that means that it’s time for the annual Susan B. Komen Race for the Cure. This is a charity Michelle and I got involved in a few years back and it’s really a great organization.

It’s simply amazing how many people are affected by breast cancer. When I first got involved I knew one person who had had breast cancer, but as soon as I started telling people I was doing the run, suddenly I found that was surrounded by friends, family & coworkers who had fought with and beaten this disease, so it’s a worthy cause.

This year we had to play it a little more low key. We didn’t form a team or do a bunch of mondo fund raising like in the past. Life is just crazy busy right now and it’s all I could do to just get in shape for the run. But I’ll be there doing the 5K and then the walk along with Paul and Jen and some other friends and family.

The race is next saturday, the 25th at Fresno State. Here’s a link to the website. Come on out!