2am Drunken Emailing a Problem?

Then Google has your answer. The boys and girls over at the big blue G have released the ultimate tool for preventing that late night drunken email (formerly the late night drunken phone call). They call it Gmail Goggles.

Basically what it does is check the time, and if it’s late at night (when drunken emailing is most prevalent according to official government statistics) it asks you a series of short math questions which you have to answer in a given amount of time. If you answer correctly, you can send your email. If not, it protects you from making an ass out of yourself and feeling like a jerk the next day when your high school sweetheart, who is now married and has 4 kids and a husband the size of King Kong, gets your email professing your life long love for her.

It’s ideas like this, and the iPhone LightSaber, that really make me love technology.

Check it out at the [Gmail blog].