Las Vegas Bikefest 2008: Recap

Well, I’m home from Bikefest 2008! This year did not disappoint. It was probably the largest Bikefest ever and was a total blast. 1000 miles of riding, tens of thousands of bikes, dozens of bands, great cigars and micro-brews, and a few bucks tossed into the slots just for good measure, made for a great weekend.

We left early Thursday morning under perfect riding conditions and arrived in Vegas at around 2pm. We parked the bikes and headed to Hennesy’s pub for a cold one before heading to the Cashman center where the vendor village is. There were just boatloads of vendors there this year selling everything you could think of, and a bunch of stuff you didn’t know existed, for bikes and bikers.

Friday and Saturday were spent just doing what you do at a biker rally. Basically when you’re not riding your bike, you’re looking at bikes, shopping for bike stuff, or talking about bikes. There is other stuff going on of course. There’s bands playing on every corner, but being a biker rally, it seems they haven’t learned any new songs since 1977. A man can only take so much CCR. We did come across one band on the street in front of the Beauty Bar that was really cool though. They were a three piece Latin percussion group, but they were working in all kinds of non Latin rhythms, at one point even busting out some old school hip hop stuff. Very cool.

One thing I always like at these rallies as well is the Dome of Death which is basically a giant metal ball. Three guys on bikes get in it and ride around on the inside walls in all directions and somehow they manage to not smash into each other. It’s really amazing.

So Sunday we slept in a little and then rode the long ride home. Between almost getting smashed in the head by a fairly large bird, getting smacked right in the eye by a large flying insect of some sort, and getting the inside of my right arm sunburnt to a crisp because I missed it when I applied my sunscreen, we made it home.

All in all it was a great weekend, and I’ll definitely being doing it again next year. Check out the pictures by clicking the link on the right!