Musical Twittering Hookers.

The worst part about not updating your blog on a regular basis is that you get way behind, and then when you finally get time to write, your thoughts are a useless jumble of garbage. This is one of those times, hence the tantilizing headline. You have been warned.

The main reason I’ve been lax on any real posts is that Aron and Paul have me hooked on Twitter. Twitter is an instant blog so to speak. You basically post one sentence to answer the question “What are you doing right now?”, and you post them whenever the mood strikes you. For the longest time, I just didn’t get the appeal, but then once I started following some other people, and seeing thier updates throughout the day, then it became interesting. So now I’m hooked. You can check out my Twitter page HERE, and if you sign up, make sure and let me know, so I can follow you as well.

So let’s get to the “good stuff” now, since I know who reads this blog, and you are going to wonder why I have the word Hookers in my headline. Well, it’s because I spent the week in Las Vegas. Honestly, I was there attending a class for work on the subject of website branding. It was an extremely interesting class to those of us who are in the tech industry. Take my word for it. I won’t bore you with the gory details. Anyway, all week I went from class, to dinner, then straight to my room to work on a side project I’ve taken on. But the last night of my trip, I was tired and just needed to go have a beer, a cigar and drop a few bucks in a video poker machine. Well no sooner than I sit down, some crazy looking chick with amazingly large, cologen injected lips sits down next to me. See where this is going? Alright, Let me just cut to the chase…. 5 hookers later, I had had enough and retreated to the safety of my room. ALONE. Honestly, I’ve been to vegas a few dozen times now and I have NEVER been hit on by a hooker until now. That can only mean two things: I’m getting old and therefore I look lonely and desperate (I am neither), or secondly, I look like I have cash to blow (which I do not!). Anyway, it was a depressing evening for me, and I won’t get too into it, but maybe the fact that I’ve been married for 20 years now, and I have a 16 year old daughter, it just hurts to see young women pissing away thier lives.

Alright, so on to my last headline keyword…. Music. Yes, I’ve been listening to a lot of music lately and there is some GREAT stuff  out there right now. Let’s talk about some shall we? Okay.

First up….. that rock band we all know and love….. Cheap Trick!!! Laides and gentlemen, this is one of the most underrated rock bands on the planet. These guys rock so hard, and write great rock song after great rock song, it’s amazing. I just bought a greatest hits album and was so totally blown away at how many songs I recognized and loved and didn’t even know they were Cheap Trick songs! Dudes and dudette’s, go buy some Cheap Trick, it doesn’t even matter which album. They all rock.

Next up…. Shinedown! Aron turned me on to this album through a Twitter post of his, and I gotta say, this album blew me away! It’s 100% FAT ROCK from the get go! It’s got everything rock should have… FAT.. I said FAT guitars, great vocal harmonies, and great riffs from the first cut to the last. This is a great album and you need to buy it now, or just admit that you suck.

Ok, next up…. Tokio Hotel! These guys are from Germany and I have to admit it’s hard listening to bands like this these days because these dudes are just about young enough to be my grand children. But they rock. Thier latest album has a great mix of pop leaning metal songs that really remind me of the 80’s power ballad type bands, yet with a new edge. Good stuff! And hey, the lead singer has hair bigger than mine was back in the 80’s so that alone earns them points. Check it out.

Tokio Hotel Guy
Tokio Hotel Guy
Me, Back in the 80's
Me, Back in the 80
Argh…. If only I had worn more guy-liner, I could have “made it”. Ah well…. Seriously though, these guys are making great music. Check ’em out.

Ok last new album of the day… and you have to say this in a gravely voice and have both hands held up doing the rock sign….


So the new album is called Death Magnetic… whatever that means… and unlike the last album which sounded like Lars (which is a fantastic name for Paul and Jen’s coming baby by the way) mixed the drums in his bathroom… IT ROCKS! This is Metallica like they used to be. Heavy. Melodic. Frenetic. No song less than 9 minutes long. I mean, this is the real Metallica. It’s almost like they’ve given up on trying to “evolve” and are just being comfortable ripping some seriously heavy tunage. You can hear some of the early vicious stuff here, and you can hear some of the later main stream stuff as well, but it’s all monstrous and powerful, just like it should be. This album is crunchy, even in milk! I highly suggest you get out and buy this one, turn it up to 11, and bang thine headeth. (Rockin’ it King James style for ya there).

Alright, so that’s it. I’m going to bed, PEACE!