What Happened to SNL?

After months of waiting, Saturday Night Live finally kicked off again with new episodes. I was so excited to see what those wacky folks came up with after having all summer to let the creative juices flow! So I eagerly fired up my DVR to watch the episode I recorded, ready to bust a gut.

The show started off really well. The opening skit had Tina Fey doing a spot-on impression of Sarah Palin, and Amy Pohler doing her Hillary Clinton. It was hilarious! … and then the show took a dive.

First off, Michael Phelps was the host. Now I know the dude can swim, but he’s terrible at reading jokes off of cue cards. I could barely understand half of what he was saying. But SNL has had sports figures on before, and good writing has saved many a bad actor. But this show didn’t have that either. In fact, not only did it not have good writing, it didn’t have any NEW writing. The locker room song skit, the “I said we!” kid, the current events commentator guy… all those skits were funny the FIRST time. To come back after what seemed like an eternity of reruns to a bunch of regurgitated skits….. LAME!!!!

Write some new stuff guys, the fast forward button on my remote is wearing out.