The Party Just Got Twice As Big

We’re slowly closing in on October 1st, the beginning of the biggest and best biker rally on the west coast, Las Vegas Bikefest. Me and 3 other guys are riding down this year for 4 days of riding, food, entertainment, and general good times.

The real news today though is that Chris Ricci, the guy who throws the monster X-Fest music festival in Modesto every year, is throwing one in Vegas, on the same weekend as BikeFest, and on the same street. What this means is that not only will you have the normal tourist crowd, you will also have 50,000 bikers from BikeFest with 4 stages of music, and now you can add another 20,000 people (at least) and 30 more bands to Fremont Street.

What an event this is going to be! Everything from Hip Hop to Country to Reggae to Classic Rock on the same street! The local Po-Po are definitley going to be busy keeping things orderly, but they are used to crowds like this, and as I’ve seen in the past several years I’ve been attending BikeFest, they know how to manage large events. It should be a great time!