New Laptop!

Well, as much as I hate spending money right now, I had to do it. I bought a new laptop. And though I’m excited about getting a new toy tool, I’m also sad because it’s not what I really wanted. I’ve had my eye on a MacBook Pro for a while now…. Oh to feel that cool, smooth aluminum beneath my fingers!!! But the BMW of laptops is expensive; $2500 for the configuration I want need. So I was going to wait until I could afford it, but some things have changed and I needed one now.

Why the rush? I ended up taking some side programming work. I haven’t done any side work in ages and the last job I did was for charity. But this time around I have a pretty intense project, and a time line, and with me traveling this month for my day job, I couldn’t afford to be without a laptop. So I bit the bullet and bought one.

I ended up getting a Dell Studio 15 and it was quite a bargain. $799 at Best Buy got me an Intel Core 2 Duo CPU, 4gigs RAM, 320Gig HD, Windows Vista 64bit and a 15″ wide screen. Pretty impressive specs for what will really be a “throw away” laptop for me, just to get me through these first few projects.

Full review when it shows up later this week!