2008 Christian Music Awards

The 2008 Christian Music Awards was last night and it was a total blast. We got to ride in a limo, walk the red carpet, talk to the press, have our pictures taken, the whole deal. It was pretty crazy. We also got the share the stage with some of the most talented people I have ever seen. Jaci Valasquez, Matthew West, Press Play and of course the local acts. I have to say that I’ve never felt so outclassed in terms of musical talent at a show. It was pretty incredible.

Our band, led by our fearless leader  Paul Haugen, did pretty well I think despite some technical problems. Because of the hectic schedule I was forced to go up and swap out the snare drum and get the kit setup while the MC was talking. He didn’t give me a lot of time so I was rushed and got things in order right as he introduced us. But then, I start the song and I realize that I can’t hear anything. My in-ear monitors were dead. So as I’m playing, I rip the left ear plug out so I can hear the house. Now, if you’ve played a large stage you know this is not a good thing because you don’t hear what you are actually playing, you hear what bounces off the back of the venue. It’s better than nothing, but not much. Then the loose ear piece wraps around my left stick, pulls the right earpiece out and now I’m playing with one hand while trying to shake the snake of wires free from my left hand! Fortunately nobody noticed the little problems I was having and we ended up giving a solid performance. Good enough for a 3rd place finish, which I am very proud of.

I want to give kudos to everyone who took part in the show though. I’ve played a lot of gigs both small and large. I’ve worked with a lot of bands, promoters and stage hands, and honestly, there’s a lot of jerks in this business. A LOT! But last night, as complex as the show was, as many egos as there was sharing the stage, as much money as there was there, I’ve never worked with so many pleasant people in my life. Our fellow contestants were encouraging, the stage hands were helpful and kind, and the promoters were just great folks. It’s such a pleasure to work in that kind of environment, especially coming from secular music, where it’s almost exactly the opposite. So kudos to United One Productions and everyone who helped put the show together.

I also want to congratulate Ascention! They were the winners of the “Best of the Blessed” competition and it was well deserved. They are a unique act in that they have a single female vocalist and then three dancers who do an interpretive dance to the song. They were very different, and creative, and that girl has got some pipes!! Wow! Great job!

So it was a great experience! I’ll have pictures posted as soon as I can round them up from our friends and relatives. Oh, and I almost forgot… the show will be on nationwide TV! It’s going to be on the Gospel Music Channel on September 20th, so set your DVR’s!!!