The Saga of the Wrist: Final Chapter

So if you’ve been following my blog you probably know that about a year ago I developed some serious pain and swelling in my wrist. I’ve done various things to try and treat it with no luck. So a little over a week ago I finally had an MRI done, so I went to the doctor today to take a look at the results.

I have tendinitis. Three doctors, two bottles of pills, a cortisone shot, two sets of X-rays and an MRI later, it’s just tendinitis. So the treatment remains the same, rest it, take anti-inflammatories, and hope for the best.

Now to me, this kind of sucks because none of the treatment the docs have recommended has worked. But my doctor says that sometimes this is just the way it is. Some cases are more severe than others. The only other option is surgery, but he really didn’t recommend that and frankly I’m with him. I’m not letting anyone cut me open unless I’m dying.

The good thing is, now that we’ve done all the tests we can do, there’s no doubt as to what it is. So I don’t have to worry about being misdiagnosed, or not getting the right treatment. At this point I just need to be more diligent about resting it as much as possible and finish the medication I have.

So that’s it. I shall never speak of it again. Now if my arm hair would hurry up and grow back, I would be a happy man.