Father / Daughter Hike

IMG_8815.JPGToday I took Deanna hiking in the Sierras. We’ve been talking about going hiking forever but it always seems like something comes up. So this weekend I just decided I was going to make it happen. Shoot, the kid is almost 16, I don’t have much time left! So I got up early, made us some pancakes for breakfast, packed some ham and cheese sandwiches for lunch, and we hit the road!

We went up to Rancheria Falls up above Huntington Lake. I figured it would be a good way to spend the afternoon; Not too far to drive to, it’s a short hike in, and it’s a beautiful waterfall. We had a really cool time just shooting the breeze on the way up. We got there around 11 and after passing the trail-head and almost getting the truck stuck turning around (what’s a hike without a little adventure?), we got on the trail, and finally to the falls.

It was absolutely beautiful up there today. Nice and cool and only a few people on the trail. We found a nice shady rock formation to have lunch on and then we just kicked it together, talking and taking in God’s amazing creation. It was really a good time and we’re going to make it a point to do this together more often.

Pictures are in the photo section to your right.