Funny How Life Works

Last year I quit my band South of Shaw and stepped away from secular music altogether. It had been cool over the years. I played a lot of great shows with big name bands in some pretty good sized venues, but there were also untold numbers of crap hole bars that we played in. And along with those bars come everything else that can get a guy in trouble. So after 20 years of playing clubs, I decided to leave the rock scene and play at church and other religious events exclusively. Along with that decision came the acceptance that I would never play a “big arena show” and would never be a musician for a living.

So when Paul asked me to jam with him for the Christian Music Awards competition today I didn’t think anything of it. I figured it would be a day spent jamming with my buds and watching other great musicians, and that it was. Some fantastic talent was there today and it was humbling to sit amongst and share the stage with them. Anyway, our band went on last and we did a song that Paul wrote that we originally worked out and recorded in my home studio. It went reasonable well, of course every musician thinks that they sound like crap, but we got a good response and some kind words from the judges and so I was ready to pack up and call it a good day.

Then they announced the four finalists that will go on to compete in the Christian Music Awards next week at the 16,000 seat Save Mart Center….. and we were one of them. Yep, I’m playing the big house!!!! We’re going to share the stage with the best Christian artists from around the nation. There will be TV crews there, record execs, the whole deal.

So I just think it’s amazing how God works. I struggle for 20 years to get that big show, to “play an arena”, then I give up my dream to do what he wants me to do, and he gives the dream right back to me when I’m least expecting it. Amazing.

So you have to come out and check out the Christian Music Awards next Saturday, August 23rd, The Save Mart Center in Fresno. Here’s a link to pick up some tickets. Come on out and see what great things God is doing.