Free Chicken!

So I’m a little freaked out this morning. A little freaked out and a lot proud. My little baby girl called me at work yesterday and told me she got a job! Yep, her very first job. And she got it without parental intervention too. Her youth pastor turned her on to an acquaintance of his who happens to be opening a chicken joint and two interviews later, she’s a official member of America’s working class! God is good.

So I’m real proud of her, and I know she’s going to be so stoked to get that first check that she earned herself. And I know she’s going to be even more stoked to take her mom and I out to dinner with it! And of course there another benefit to me as well…. free chicken!!!!!!! Alright, that probably won’t happen. I don’t want to be the one to get my daughter canned. But with all the money I save by not having to fork out $10 here and $20 there, I can buy all the chicken I want! YESSSS!!!!!

So why am I freaked out? Because this is another sign that I’m getting old man. Odd thing is, I’m still waiting for the day when I actually start to feel and act my age. I’m starting to worry I’m never going to grow up, you know? I keep waiting for the day when jogging shoes go with every outfit, Golf replaces the UFC, and I trade my bike in for a Hoveround, but it never comes! I can see it now, my daughter is going to be grounding ME for bad behavior in five years. Oh I know, you’re probably thinking I’m selfish and this is all about me isn’t it? Well, yes it is, hence the name of this blog!

Joking aside, this is really exciting for me. Watching somebody literally enter the world, and then grow into an adult right before your eyes is amazing.

Great job kiddo, I’m proud of you. I got us a table for 3 at Ruth’s Chris. Don’t forget to bring enough for a tip.