Wild at Heart: Fathers

We covered the second chapter in our Wild at Heart study last night and it was pretty interesting stuff. While the first chapter covered those desires that men have in our hearts, the second chapter dealt with where we inherit those from. So there was a lot of talk first about our fathers, and then about Jesus and our Father in Heaven.

Let me just say that there’s nothing worse than talking about your old man. Honestly I’m amazed that the world even functions given the fact that most guys dads completely ignored them. I think most dads view kids like they view puppies. They are cute and fun to play with (as long as mom feeds and cleans up after them). Then when they get big and start thrashing the furniture, they need to be run, and aren’t cute anymore, they’re just a big pain in the ass and it’s time to get them out of the house.

At any rate, the second half of the chapter focused on God and I found this part of the chapter to be pretty cool. I love the picture of God as an adventurer. The author draws connections between God’s personality and his creation and I think it’s cool to look at creation with all it’s complexity and randomness and wildness, and know that God likes it that way! I can see him up there crafting Mt. Everest and just saying to himself.. “oh they’re going to dig this one… they’re going to try and climb this sucker for generations”. You know?

The other aspects the author talks about; a battle to fight and a beauty to rescue, are even more fascinating. For so much of my life I viewed God as simply somebody with power over me, but who I could never please. But when you look at the Bible and begin to look at what God’s battle to fight is, you begin to see that the battle is for a relationship with us and that is amazing to me. God is not just some rule keeper in Heaven waiting to smack the crap out of you for screwing up, he is actually seeking us out every day, going to battle to win us to Him, in spite of our shortcomings. That’s an amazing picture.

And then there’s a beauty to rescue. There’s a lot of things in the book about how god created women and the whole subject of desire and romance, and I think guys tend to wrongly associate romance directly with sex. When I started thinking about this it occurred to me that romance is really about sacrifice. We watched Braveheart last week and there’s a scene where the Queen is talking with her handmaiden and they are talking about romance, yet the conversation is all about Wallace facing danger and risking his life for his woman. Even in our modern day, things that are considered romantic are the things that guys do that are out of character. They are things that require a man to put himself at risk for his woman.

So bringing around that line of thought… there was a question asking if we thought God is a romantic. And I have to say of course he is! When you think about the fact that he sent Jesus, to take on the body of a man, to face the wrath of the religious leaders of the day as well as the Roman government; the fact that he died a horrible drawn out death…. and did it for us… yeah, that’s a romantic personality.

So it was a good study and as usual, not your traiditional idea of a bible study. I actually got to hear a pastor use the term “bumping uglies”. You won’t hear that at church very often.

Next week we’re taking the week off to go hang as dudes and watch the manly sport of baseball. The Grizzlies are taking on the Las Vegas 51’s and honestly, I could care less who wins. I just enjoy the hot dogs and spitting seeds on the floor and not getting in trouble for it.