Weekend Update

It’s been yet another uneventful weekend. Chores, programming, jamming some music, nothing terribly exciting. Deanna got home though and so that’s a good thing. We watched SNL last night and laughed our butts off together. She was at church camp all week and since they weren’t allowed to take cell phones we had no contact with her whatsoever. She had a great time though and I sat and looked at all of her pictures while listening to her tell me about her adventures. It sounds like it was a great experience for her, which is good because though I didn’t tell her before she left, I went to church camp in the 7th grade and it was miserable. 5 days of high pressure religious activities when you’re a shy kid makes for a horrible time. Anyway, I’m glad her experience was positive and it’s good to have her home.

The kid is growing up way too fast though. She got her drivers permit last week and starts drivers training soon. And get this, she’s got a job interview on Monday. Yeah, my little girl is nearly a full blown adult. I know this sounds cliche’ but they really do grow up so fast! I told two of my buddies at work all this and they nearly fell to the floor. Both of these guys were at the hospital when she was born and so we all were suddenly aware of the passing of time. We’re old.

I’m proud of her though. She’s got a great personality and a big heart and it’s just cool seeing her become more independent and start to make the transition between kid and adult. And so far she’s kept her nose clean. We’ll see how that goes. It was just about this time in my life that I completely lost it. I pray she doesn’t have to learn life’s lessons the way I did.

So I watched Hellboy last night. Cool flick. Since I’ve been doing this new bible study, I’ve been paying attention to the themes of guys movies and watching for the three things that men long for. This movie had all the ingredients, one, two, three. More on this later…

Well, today it’s church and then rehearsal for next week’s services. We’re practicing a week early since the church will be in use all week so we can’t rehearse midweek. I hope the wrist holds up, it’s a little stiff this morning. I go in for my MRI on Friday so I hope I’ll have some resolution soon. Yeah, it probably doesn’t help to play drums with it, but it’s not making it worse, the pain is there regardless. So screw it.

Peace out ya’ll. Have a good week.