I Am Windows Free!

Yes, today I start a new day! A day without Windows in my house! We’re talking about Microsoft Windows of course. It’s gone, kaput, bye-bye, so long, see ya, peace out!

I had one Windows PC left in the house. Our laptop runs Ubuntu and of course we have an iMac. But as far as the PC goes, I bought Cakewalk Sonar years ago and then kept upgrading over the years and I just didn’t want to go through the expense of switching my music computer to Mac and buying all my software over again. However, this week my audio interface took a dump, and then as I was doing some work on my Windows box, my RAID controller farted and I lost my disk array. And that was it. I’d had it. So rather than spend more money to fix my aging PC, I decided to retire it and just go completely Mac.

Of course I still have Windows running in a virtual machine on my Mac. But I only use it to run MS Money, and now to restore and convert my old Sonar files from backup.

I feel better already.