Wild at Heart

We started a new Bible study last night… actually, not really a Bible study, more like a life study based on biblical principles? Anyway, the study is based on a book called Wild at Heart which is an awesome book which I first read about 6 years ago and am stoked to be going through it again.

The book is about being a man. It talks about how and why God created us and basically what it means to be male. Now you might be sitting there going, oh crap, Dana’s reading some mushy, Christian, sensitive male book, and you’d be totally wrong. A main concept of the book is that men were designed to get out and take risks, face challenges, fight battles, and be men! Which is so refreshing because so much of what society, including the church, tells us today is that we need to be safe, sensitive, sweet and nice. Or as the author points out; BORING.

Now don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a book about going out and being some testosterone charged moron, but it is about understanding and embracing the way God designed us, and ultimately being more of what he wants us to be.

So like I said, I’m stoked about this study and I’ll be posting some thoughts as we get deeper into it.