Bible Study

Oooh, that sounds scary doesn’t it? I don’t know about you, but for years when I heard those words I couldn’t help but picture Flanders from The Simpsons and a bunch of other cornballs gathered around to either whine about their problems or pretend they are all perfect. I know, that sucks, but it was a gut reaction and unfortunately I let it keep me from joining a bible study. A few years ago Paul (the music minister, not the famous apostle), put together a study group for all of us misfit musicians and it’s been one of the coolest things I’ve ever been part of.

So tonight, in order to refine our learning process, we took the group to a larger talk given by pastor Kimberly on how to study the Bible. Now you may think you don’t need to know how to study the Bible because you can just go to church and listen to some guy tell you about it. Well, I would argue that you really can’t get a full understanding of the Bible and what God says in it unless you physically read the pages yourself. I like to think of it this way; Being a drummer, I could not imagine trying to learn the drums without actually listening to music! How ridiculous would that be? Yet for some reason we think we can do life the right way without reading the Word.

So tonight’s class was filled with really good techniques to help study, analyze, and imbed the Word in your brain; Your basic study practices really. But it was a great exercise, especially for some of us rock and rollers who never went to college and barely finished high school. I’m talking about the other guys in my group of course. Ha! Anyway, this was really useful information. I really enjoyed it and I’m looking forward to putting some of this stuff into practice.

There’s two more classes this week with plenty of room so if you’re interested, call Clovis Hills and get signed up.