Pay Attention to Your Phone Bill!

This morning I opened my email and found my monthly bill for my phone/internet service. It’s the same amount every month so I wasn’t expecting to be surprised but I certainly was as I noticed the amount was $35 more than normal! Since I get a seperate bill for long distance and I block all 900 numbers I knew it couldn’t have been from anyone making calls.

I dug a little deeper and found an odd charge from a company called ILD Teleservices. The description for the charge was for web site hosting, which wouldn’t be odd for me, except for the fact that I have friends with thier own servers and so I don’t pay for hosting! And if I did, how on Earth would the charge get on my phone bill??

So we called ILD and found out that a small time web hosting service (i.e. phony scam business) had made the charge based on a phone call by somebody who used my phone number. Apparently, you can charge these types of things to your phone bill! Or anyone elses phone bill! They had an audio recording of the transaction and the dude gave a phony name, a phony birth date and MY phone number and that’s it! They signed him right up and charged my phone bill!

Luckily, ILD cancelled the charge and so I won ‘t have to pay it, but it’s incredible to me that you can actually charge services with only a phone number and you don’t even have to prove it’s yours!!! I did a quick search and found dozens and dozens of similar complaints where people suddenly found charges on thier phone bills. What’s sad, is that most people probably don’t notice smaller charges and so they probably just pay them.