I Am The Laziest Man Alive

I don’t know what happened to me this weekend. It was nice out, sunny, hot but not lava-in-your-shorts hot like a few weeks ago. The family was gone and I had full run of the house. Nobody to account to.

Normally you can’t keep me down on a sunny day like this, I’m out in the yard, or on the bike, or even if I stay indoors, I’m writing code or doing something productive. I’m just not the type to sit idle. But for the life of me I just could not get motivated this weekend. I spent the entire weekend listening to music and basically sitting around. The only time I walked out of the house was to smoke a cigar. That’s it.

I didn’t even watch any TV, except for about 45 minutes of SNL on Saturday night, which by the way was a rerun of the very first episode. Honestly, I’m amazed they ever got to run a second episode after that sinking pile hit airwaves. Talk about your rough starts.

Anyway, it’s a short week at work and a three day holiday next weekend, and the familiy is home, so we should have some fun. Hope everyone has a great week!