Vibe at Sports Town

Last night Michelle and I decided to check out a new street celebration thing they have going on downtown called Vibe at Sports Town. It’s a few block stretch of Kern St. that they block off once a month and have bands and food and stuff. It’s your typical street fair type of event and I love these things. Anytime I can go somewhere without dressing up, watch some good music, drink some really cheap beer ($1 beers from 5 to 7!) and eat some greasy sausages cooked on a grill, I’m a happy man.

Now this is only the second time they’ve done it so the event is relatively small, but it was fun. They had a Rock Band competition, some basketball shooting thing, and some great bands. Not really my type of music, no heavy rock, but it was different and interesting.  So I hope this thing grows over the summer. Fresno just doesn’t do enough of this type of event in my opinion.

So today I was going to ride into King’s Canyon but Michelle and I got up late. She’s on her way to Redding to pick up my kid who’s been in Seattle for the past 3 weeks and so I have the house to myself. I’m not sure what I want to do yet. I’m feeling extremely lazy. So I think maybe I’ll head up to the Sierras tomorrow instead and just relax today.