Rumble to the Summit 2008

IMG_8496.JPGYesterday was the 12th annual Rumble to the Summit! The Rumble is probably the valley’s largest bike run with over 3500 participants last year and benefits the Central Valley Make a Wish Foundation. It begins at the Clovis Rodeo Grounds and then snakes through Old Town Clovis before hitting Hwy 168 and heading up the Sierras to Sierra Summit Ski Resort.

This is our fourth time riding the rumble and it’s always a good time. Just the sight and sound of a few thousand bikes, in a train a mile long, is awesome.

It was not all smooth sailing though this year. Wayne’s bike crapped out on the way up. Probably a clogged fuel filter or something. He bought the bike used and hasn’t completely gone through it yet. He managed to get it started again and was good for the rest of the trip. Jeff also had some issues on the way down, but since it was just in the shop and he noticed a vacuum when he opened the tank, we think it’s a pinched vent hose. At any rate, neither problem was anything major and we finished the ride in good shape.

Probably the only real downside this year was the heat. While the mountains were nice and cool, we returned to the valley floor to find 108° temperatures waiting for us. So it’s 108 outside, we’re cruising on blacktop, in black jackets and helmets (they were mesh jackets, but that didn’t seem to help at all), on a black bike carrying a 1700cc motor which is generating even more heat! Honestly, it felt like we were riding through the gates of Hell itself. When the wind touching your skin actually burns, you know it’s freaking hot. Now some of you are sitting there wondering why we would wear jackets in 108° weather. Well, it’s because the only thing I can think of that would be worse than sweating like a pig in a black jacket, would be scraping my bare skin along a strip of searing hot blacktop at 65mph. When faced with a choice between lifetime scarring and a little sweat, I’ll take the latter thank you.

At any rate, we did have a great time. Check out the pictures using the links on the right.