Lost Your Job? Go to Vegas!

It’s been a week since I’ve posted so I figured I should get on it. Not that there’s large masses of web surfers just waiting for the next tidbits of wisdom to spurt from my keyboard or anything, but blogging is as much therapy as it is entertainment, so I figured I should force something out today.

The last week has been kind of a rollercaoster ride. Michelle and I had planned a trip to Vegas (are you surprised?) about a month ago. Sevendust was coming to town and so we had to go see them and get away for some time together. Well, last Tuesday, two days before we’re going to get in the car and cross the desert on our way to Adult Disneyland, Michelle gets a pink slip at work. Yeah, that’ll throw a wrench into things won’t it?

So suddenly we were faced with the decision of whether to continue with our vacation plans, or hunker down and save that cash. After kicking it around, I decided we should go. Michelle needed a pick-me-up, and I needed a good rock show and some time with my girl. So we went, and had a great time. Sevendust completely rocked as expected, the place we stayed, South Point Casino, was really nice and we just had a great time together kicking it by the pool and stuff. There’s pictures on the right, if you’re interested.

So now we’re back and we have the task of adjusting to one income until Michelle finds a new job that she likes. The good thing is that a few years ago we went through the Crown Ministries financial program which shows how to manage your finances from a Christian perspective. The basic theory is that you don’t hold any debt, you give your first 10% to God in the form of tithing, the next 10% you save, and the remaining 80% you live on. Now we’re not perfect, and though we were able to completely wipe out our credit debt, for us the ratio always seemed to be more like 5%-5%-90%. I could never seem to get us by on less than 90% of our income. How ironic then that we are now forced to get by on about 55% and I’m finding that we’ll be able to do it without moving into a shelter or standing on free off-ramps with cardboard signs. I think this is an example of how God can both prepare you for challenges, and grow you through them.

So anyway, no more Vegas trips for a while, in fact, no more of a lot of things for a while, but I was talking to Michelle and we know that God will take care of us (Matthew 6:25-34), and we’re actually seeing this as a challenge to see how little we can actually get by on. I’ll most certainly be posting my money saving tips here on this blog. And when she does get back to work, I’m determined to hit that 10%-10%-80% goal.