Shasta Climb is Off

Bummer. My co-worker Peter and I were going to climb Mt. Shasta in two weeks but after looking at the latest conditions we’ve decided not to make the trek this year. Normally you want to climb this mountain when it’s covered in snow because otherwise you are dealing with a lot of loose rock, which is hard to hike up. The danger of getting hit in the nog with a rock goes up as well. The snow pack on the route up is about 50% of normal and so Peter, having done this 3 times already, felt that it would not be worth our time to do it this year.

So I’m disappointed, but there’s nothing to be done about it. There’s no arguing with Mother Nature. We’ll plan again next year. I always try to look on the bright side though and hey, the way I look at it this change of plans saves me two days of vacation and a few hundred bucks! I’m sure my bike didn’t want to sit in the garage all weekend anyway.