Oh yeah baby! Sevendust came out with a new album a few months ago… or maybe it was last month… anyway, they are touring and I’m going to see them!

Sevendust is hitting the House of Blues in beautiful Las Vegas Nevada! Michelle and I have been needing a getaway together so we’re taking the opportunity to head to the desert oasis for some serious Rock & Roll and relaxation.

If you don’t know who Sevendust is…. well then you really must suck…. at least a little. Honestly, they are one of the baddest metal bands out there, and in my mind really started the whole melodic metal trend in the 90’s where you have super chunky metal riffs coupled with melodic, multi-part harmonies in the chorus. These guys are a relentless touring band and Michelle and I have seen them probably a dozen times over the years. They just never get old. They truly are the AC-DC of modern metal if you ask me. Heavy, powerful and consistent. I mean just look at that picture! Is that not the epitome of Rock & Roll????

So I have this thing about wanting to stay at a new hotel every time I go to Vegas. Unfortunately since we do Vegas 2 or 3 times a year we’re running out of hotels to stay at. I also have a thing about not paying $300 a night for a crappy room just because it’s “trendy”. I mean come on… $250 a night to sleep in a fake pyramid? I could probably rest my nog on the point of the Giza Pyramid for less! So this time we’re staying way off strip at the new Suncoast Casino. It looks pretty cool and at it’s got a nice pool which is all Michelle cares about. Me, I could sleep in the back of a Buick in Vegas and be perfectly happy.

So I’m seeing my favorite band, in my favorite town, with my favorite girl. Seriously, does it get any better than that?