1700 Miles Through NorCal & Oregon


1700 miles. That’s how much ground we covered on our Great Northwest Bike Tour. 4 days of nothing but riding, from dawn to dusk, though some of the most beautiful scenery on the planet.

I took off right from work on Friday. Fully wrapped in black leather, I hit Hwy 99 to Sacramento. A boring ride, but I had no choice. It was already late in the day and we were hitting the road at 8am the next day so I didn’t have time to take a more scenic route. I got there in one piece and slept in my brothers granddaughters room. I was tempted to stay up and play with her new Hannah Montana playset, but I needed to get up early. Next time.

The next day we got up and met the rest of the guys for breakfast. We filled up on omelets and coffee and hit the road. The ride up was our longest ride day, over 500 miles, but it was beautiful. We took smaller roads through the mountains instead of the highway in order to see some scenery. We wanted to go through Lassen, but the road hadn’t been plowed yet, and so we had to backtrack and cut around the park. around Shasta, we hit our first snag; One of the bikes broke down. One guy stayed behind and the rest of us continued into Oregon. Unfortunately by the time our buddy got his bike towed, the Harley shops were closed. Since bike shops are normally closed Sunday and Monday, the poor guy spent the entire trip in a hotel room with no bike. Major bummer.

Sunday we spent the day riding around Oregon. We explored several small towns that were really neat and rode everywhere from the valley floor to the tops of the mountains which were still covered in snow. It was a great time and we saw some outstanding countryside. Oregon really is a beautiful state.

Monday we once again got up early and headed back to California. This time we headed toward the coast, stopping in Crescent City, Eureka and ending up in Fort Bragg. This is some of the most awesome scenery I’ve ever seen. Amazing redwood forests, breathtaking coastal views, and perfectly smooth, twisty roads. Honestly, I’m amazed that places like this aren’t swamped with tourists. Yeah, it’s May, but you just don’t get views like this in many places and every time I ride through country like this, I just dread coming back to the city.

I think that’s the best thing about these road trips. It’s just a time to be disconnected from our crazy society, with it’s mixed up priorities, and just really enjoy being one of God’s creations and exploring this world he’s put here for us. Honestly, as I was riding along, I was fantasizing about selling everything I have, putting the money in the bank and just collecting the interest. I’d camp in national parks every night and ride from dawn to dusk, meeting interesting people along the way. I’d spend the summers riding through the north, and winters in the south and wouldn’t own a thing but my bike and the clothes on my back. And my iPhone. That would be the life.

Ah well, maybe some day. But I had to work today, so I rode from Fort Bragg back to Fresno yesterday and got home in the early evening. It was nice getting home because I really missed the family. It was a fantastic ride though and we’re going to plan another one for the fall. I can’t wait!

Check out the pictures by CLICKING HERE.