Motorcycle Commute: First Week

Well, it’s been a whole week of commuting on my motorcycle. Actually, I’ve only driven my truck twice all week and that was once to go to the gym and once to take my daughter to get a fishbowl at the pet store. So I think I’ve done pretty good. I gotta say it’s been pretty fun overall. It’s nice getting up in the morning, throwing on jeans, and jumping on the bike. It’s like a short little adrenaline rush every morning and afternoon.

There is a downside though. Changing at work kind of sucks. And the commute, while enjoyable, is more stressful. Most of my leisure rides are off the beaten path; up in the mountains, over at the coast, or in the desert. Weaving through busy city traffic is a whole different ball game and requires a lot of attention and concentration. The other day I nearly dumped it after riding through a puddle of stagnant gutter water. The back wheel slipped right out from under me but luckily I kept her up. Then today I got a scare when some gal in an SUV coming out of a Carl’s Jr pulled out right in front of me. In a car these things would be no big deal, but on a bike, everything takes on new meaning. If you wreck in a car, you’ll usually be shaken but OK. If you wreck on a bike, you are GOING to feel pain.

Anyway, it’s been good and now there’s about 6 of us in my department commuting on our bikes. So it’s fun to see all the bikes lined up outside the office and chat about gear and crap with the guys.