Presentation Jitters

Do you have to give presentations? Like the kind where you stand in front of a group with a projector and a laptop with PowerPoint on it and entertain people for 30 minutes? That’s what I had to do today. We have these things called Cookies & Learn, where the company buys plates of cookies and then somebody has to give a presentation on something they’re working on to the entire department. Today was my day.

I’ve been working on a large project for the past 6 months and we’re ready to go live in 30 days and so I had to give a session, in front of about 50 people, on what it is and why we’re doing it. Honestly, I really don’t like doing stuff like this. As soon as I start talking my throat dries up, my hands shake, and everything seems to go WAY faster than I had planned. The last thing you want in a presentation is not having enough to say. Luckily for me I only had 30 minutes and so it wasn’t too hard to fill.

What always amazes me though is that I should be really at ease with this stuff. I mean, I’ve played drums in front of audiences of thousands, and felt no jitters at all. But something about the quietness of the room and everyone staring and waiting…. and having to talk to fill the time. it’s miserable.

At any rate, I got through it just fine. Nobody hijacked me with crazy questions. Nobody heckled me. I didn’t throw up. Thank you Lord for watching over me!