New Tattoo

For the last several months I’ve been agonizing over my new tattoo. A while back I got a large cross on my right bicep and since then I’ve been thinking about how I could flesh out the design to cover most of my right arm. I wanted something colorful, and I wanted something to fit with the general “Wonder of God” theme I had floating in my head.

Well, our bible study group has been reading “The Heart of the Artist” and so I did a quick search on the net for bible quotes with regards to artists. The first page that popped up had a partial verse that really kind of struck me in a cool way. It’s actually the first half of the very first line of the bible. “In the beginning God created…”. God is an artist! How cool is that?

So I went looking for images that show off God’s artistic side. After looking at thousands of paintings, tattoos, and taking into account the specialty of my tattoo artist (asian designs), I came up with the following sketch. I have two weeks to nail this design down, or postpone my appointment, but I’m feeling pretty good about it. Check it out.

Oh and since I’m feeling artistic today, I posted some of my more recent designs on my Flickr page.