Down Again

I went to the doctor yesterday to have my wrist looked at again. I’ve been playing drums and stuff because it’s been 8 months and the thing still hurts every single day. So I figured if it’s going to hurt anyway, I might as well be using it! Well, lately it’s been swelling up pretty badly in the mornings and so that kind of scared me into seeing another doctor. So I went and he basically told me what I already know; I have tendinitis. This time however, we’re doing a little more to combat it.

He gave me a cortisone shot to help fight the inflammation, and man that stuff REALLY hurts going in! It’s kind of like injecting lava into your arm. So then he gave me a new prescription for pain pills and then sent me to another place to get a brace fitted. I gotta wear the brace when I sleep, and stay off the wrist completely for 6 weeks and then go back in to have it checked out.

So this is really bad timing because we have another drummer at church who’s out with a torn ligament in his shoulder, so Paul is going to be scrambling to find sit-ins. But God always seems to bring us people at the right time, so I’m sure things will work out until we are all back and healthy again. It sucks sitting out for 6 weeks especially when things were really starting to pop… I had 6 services and a gig with Yerxa lined up… but it’s been months and months and this thing isn’t getting better, so I gotta do something.

Anyway, I’d appreciate it if you’d keep Robert and I in your prayers and ask for quick healing for both of us, and pray that Paul isn’t too stressed with finding replacements for us.