Summer is Here!

Holy crap man…. mid April and we’re hitting the 90’s already! It was hot this weekend, but honestly, I loved it. I really despise the winter time and so I’m not about to complain about clear skies and warm sun! It made for a great weekend outdoors.

Saturday I jammed with the Alan Yerxa Band at Sober Stock and had a great time. Sober Stock is a festival for alcohol and substance abuse recovery groups. It’s a great time of fellowship, worship, and also education and support. There were about a dozen groups represented, the CHP and Fresno P.D. were there, three bands jamming; good times.

It’s funny though because as a musician you just expect certain things to go wrong with days like this. For one, the day ALWAYS runs late. Musicians are notorious for being late anyway and the first band never wants to go on stage on time because the crowd is always thin for the first set. But then there’s always at least one more mishap. Usually it’s the P.A. system not having enough power and cutting out, but this time our bass players amp decided to take a dump right as we started the first song. It was the perfect Spinal Tap moment as we continued on and he fought with his gear, finally switching out the amp just in time to finish the first song! That’s rock and roll right there.

Sunday was every bit as beautiful as Saturday but the sunny weather must have been wreaking havoc on musicians because during the worship set at church, Paul completely beefed one of the songs. Beefed it so bad that Kimberly actually stopped the song and made everyone start it over! Awesome! I think that’s a first for Clovis Hills.

So that is what we call in musical circles a Class ‘A’ Train Wreck! If you’ve been playing for any amount of time, you’ve caused one of those, believe me, so it was cool to be there for Paul’s “baptism” so to speak. I think it’s much funnier though because he’s our fearless leader, and let’s face it, when the boss screws up, I don’t care who you are, that’s funny!

After church Allen and I rode up to Bass Lake for a stogie and a few beers. The mountains were beautiful. I just love being on the bike and cruising through the forest, the smell of pine needles and wood in the air. You car drivers don’t even know what you’re missing.

Alright, last note…. I’m hoping to get some video up soon of the Alan Yerxa gig as well as the Clovis Hills worship night. I also bought a new video camera called a Flip Video. They are really small video cameras designed for super quick and easy video shooting, but the quality is very good. My plan is to copy Paul and do some video blogging here on the site; maybe some drum related videos or something. We’ll see how that goes.

Have a great week!