The Alan Yerxa Band ROCKS!

I had rehearsal at my house last night with the Alan Yerxa band. We haven’t played together in over 6 months, and I’ve never played with this particular bass player, and I gotta say, it was the most smokin’ rehearsal I’ve had in ages. It is such a pleasure to jam with guys of this caliber. We just came in, sat down, and banged out these songs as if we’d been playing them every single day. And Frank….. holy crap… Frank was RIPPING! Not that it’s a surprise or anything, but I just don’t get to hear my boy Frank tear it up like that at church! Awesome!

So we’re going to be at the Manchester Mall on Blackstone and Sierra this Saturday at 11am. There’s a festival going on, I believe it’s called Sober Stock or something to that effect. It’s a clean and sober get togehter and it’s just going to be a great time with muiltiple bands, etc, etc. The weather is going to be perfect California weather and so I urge everyone to come on out and have a good time with us!