Rock Moment #667

Alright so let’s talk music. Sevendust’s new album came out yesterday and my friends….. it…… is…. SICK!!!! These guys have really defined their sound over the years and now it seems they can just churn out music without even thinking about it. They are the AC/DC of modern metal, always giving your tender ears the shredding they expect and deserve

A very cool surprise as well is that three of the tracks have special guests! Who, you ask? Let me tell you! None other than Mark Tremonti and Miles Kennedy from Alter Bridge, and Mr. American Rock Idol himself, Chris Daughtry. I gotta say, Daughtry is SO MUCH better than he was on that sorry excuse for entertainment and his song might be the best song on this album. Great stuff.

So moving on… my second rock pick today comes from a band called Black Tide. The album is called Light From Above, and like all good metal albums I have no clue what that means or what the heck these guys are singing about at all…. BUT THEY SHRED!!!! These guys are really an old school metal outfit in the vein of Slayer, Metallica and Megadeth. Superfast speed metal riffs, maybe a little southern rock influence in there on the slow stuff, and best of all…. SMOKIN’ guitar leads! Oh man…. it’s so good to actually hear guys play leads again! They even do a killer version of Metallica’s Hit The Lights. Sweeeeeet!

Rock on!