When Do I Get To Rest?

What a weekend. Saturday, slept until 9am. For those who know me, that’s like…. insane. I spent the whole day cleaning up my backyard which has been neglected since last summer. Let me tell you something, man… I HATE working around the house. Honestly, maintenance is the absolute worst part of homeownership. But it has to be done. So I spent the day throwing away old junk, washing away dirt, planting plants, cleaning BBQ’s, and finally at the end of the day, I was about half finished.

That’s the way it is with chores, it takes twice as long as you thought it would take. So today I finished up out back… I rebuilt a collapsing fence, and got the lawns mowed. By the end of the day things were in good enough shape to sit down, light a fire in the firepit, get some chicken on the grill, crack open a Sammy and light a cigar. Not quite enough rest, but nice.

It wasn’t all work this weekend though. Church was absolutely awesome today. The band was S-M-O-K-I-N-G!!!!, and Pastor Steve is doing a great series on being disappointed with God. This is important stuff because I think we’ve all doubted God, and to sit and pretend like everyone is a rock of faith at all times is kind of rediculous. There was a great analogy Steve used today though that I loved. He was talking about people wanting to understanding God on an intellectual level and have all the questions answered before we’ll believe in Him, and he compared it to how marriage works. When you are single you have all these doubts about marriage and what it means and how it will go, etc, etc, but then you meet somebody special and you form a relationship, and then suddenly you’re willing to dive into that commitment because the relationship is more powerful than the questions left unanswered. And it was just a really cool illustration of how God wants us to foster a relationship with Him.

Alright, so tomorrow starts another busy week but there’s a few riding related items I wanted to share because I haven’t been doing much riding and it’s ticking me off. So…. tomorrow (Monday) Sergeant Nethaniel Weibert, who has served two tours in Iraq,  is coming home to Fresno. There’s a group of motorcyclists called the Patriot Guard who goes out at the request of military families and attends funerals for fallen soldiers and also greets soldiers when they come home. Tomorrow night they will be at the Fresno Airport to welcome Sergeant Weibert home. Allen and I are heading out to take part and I urge anyone, biker or not, to come on out. [Here’s a link to the information]. I hope to see you there.

Lastly, I’m going to get some rest this week and take a motorcycle ride Friday. I was supposed to go hiking with a buddy but he had to bail and since I still have the day off, I’m going to ride! I’m taking three awesome bike roads (J1, 198, and 25) in one LONG day, but that’s the way I roll, yo! Anyone coming?