Coffee Talk

I hate it when I have two things I want to write about but only the time to make one post because then I have to come up with lame headlines like the one above.

So first off I want to brag about my latest purchase. I don’t buy a lot of techie stuff these days. I probably have more than most folks but I don’t obsess about having the latest and greatest like I did when I first entered this industry. However, I bought a toy today and just want to gloat a little, especially for my good friend Paul. Why you ask? Well, you see, Paul was an early adopter of the famed Apple iPhone. Got one right out of the chute. And ever since then he’s been waving it in front of me like a juicy steak in front of a starving man. And I secretly hated him for it. Well, NO MORE PAUL!!! Today I announce that I too have entered the upper echelon of cellphone users and have purchased……. wait for it……. an iPhone! Yep. And the best part? It’s a refurb so it only cost me $250 vs. $400 for a new one. Sweet.

Ok, enough technigloating (I just made that word up)…. that’s the “talk” portion of this post, so let’s move on to coffee.

Back in January, 10 of us went to Ethiopia and we all came back with pounds and pounds of coffee since the Ethiopians have really great coffee. The bad part is that it just doesn’t taste the same made in our American drip coffee makers. It doesn’t come out strong enough. Well, in my search to replicate the Ethiopian coffee making process I found a little espresso pot that does the trick perfectly. [CLICK HERE] It makes 4cups of perfect Ethiopian coffee. Of course you have to have the cups to go with it so [CLICK HERE] for those. Enjoy!