Saturday Adventure

So yesterday was interesting. Michelle’s Grandmother is in the hospital and so we drove up to Fremont to see her. She’s a sweetheart of a lady and she’s very old. She fell last week and now she’s bedridden and it’s very sad. Honestly, I hope my internal organs give out before my limbs do. I don’t want to spend the final years of my life in bed. What amazed me is that she kept apologizing that she couldn’t do anything for us. Can you believe that? The woman is sick and in bed and is upset that she can’t do something for US. Now that’s a servant’s heart right there.

Anyway, we spent some time with her until the next shift of relatives showed up and then we got on the road to come home. Of course no trip to the East Bay is complete without a trip to Fry’s Electronics, so we stopped in to gaze at all the toys. Fry’s is cool, man. It’s like Radio Shack, Best Buy, Circuit City and Comp USA all rolled into one. Amazing. We didn’t buy much though. I got some cheap iPod headphones and we picked up a few DVD’s. It’s just fun to look. Oh, we did pick of a bunch of boxes of CF lightbulbs. Four bulbs for $2. Couldn’t pass that up.

So after that we  headed south on 101 to 152 and then found that it was closed due to an accident. Crap. It was either back up to 580 or down to 198 to cross the mountains but either way was going to get us home really late. We decided to stop and get a map of the area and found a little gem of a road called Panoche Road which is a little two laner that crosses over the mountains and is exactly west of Fresno. Feeling adventurous we took it.

I about crapped my pants when we first started heading up into the hills. A storm had just crossed the mountains ahead of us and we hit several inches of hail. So here we are, heading up a tiny little road with hail all over the ground and we’re in a Japanese sports car. Yeah, I was a little freaked out. The hail gave way soon enough though and the drive turned out to be a beautiful one of 18 miles through rolling green hills. It was really nice and so we made a pact to return to this road, next time with the bike and the camera. Here’s a link to a map of the road for those who might be feeling adventurous: [Google Map of Panoche Road]