Epic Ride of 2008

epicride.jpgHere we go! The first epic ride of the year and probably my longest single ride yet has been put on the calendar!

My big brother and I, and whoever else has the nards to come along, are riding some 1400 miles in 4 days. I will be starting in Fresno and heading up to Sacramento to join my bro. From there we’ll be heading to Marysville, Susanville, and then into Klamath Falls, Oregon and ultimately to Crater Lake. Then we’ll head to the coast and come back through Crescent City, Fort Bragg then on to Sacramento. From there I’ll be soloing it back to Fresno.

I honestly can’t wait. This is going to be a fantastic ride and we’re going to see some amazing scenery. If anyone out there thinks you have a butt that can handle 4 days in the saddle and want to come, drop me a note.