Scusa, le capisce l’italiano?

For you uncultured buffoons reading this blog today, that means “Excuse me, do you understand Italian?”. I guess you would be answering “No” right about now? Hmmm? LOSERRRRR!

Io capisco un pó l’italiano!

That would mean, “I understand a little italian”. Which I can now honestly say I do after Deanna and I began our studies of Italian together last night. I also know some other really cool Italian phrases such as: “Il toro é duro”, which means “The bull is hard”, and the ever useful; “La rana picolla è piena”, which of course translates to “The small frog is full”. I feel incredibly confident traveling to Italy now, knowing that I can communicate eloquently with the locals.

It’s kind of cool learning another language though. I can’t wait until we know enough to carry on conversations around the house. Deanna is having an easier time than I am because she’s learning Spanish in school and there seems to be a lot of similar words and phrases between the two languages. But I’m no schlep and I think I can get it down. One important thing I’ve learned though… the online translation programs like babelfish SUCK! They may be good enough if you are trying to borrow a pencil or something trivial, but I would not trust them if you’re trying to tell the doctor that your appendix is bursting. La capesce?

Stay tuned for more adventures in Italian! Ciao!