Pillar – For the Love of the Game

itunes-albumpurchase-banner.jpgAlright so I’m chillin’ out getting my GPS ready for riding this weekend and listening to the new Pillar album. CRAP!!! These guys rock.

For those who don’t know, Pillar has been around for a while but is really now just starting to take off with the whole wave of Christian rock bands. But let me tell you right now… this ain’t no Pat Boone. Not even Pat Boone doing Metallica. These guys rock. And the really mix it up on this album… well, they mix it up for a metal band; Shredding metal songs and power ballads, but everything has a very current, young feel. I’m digging it.

If you want to hear some shredding, but with lyrics that are important, check these guys out.

Oh yeah, they are also on tour and coming our way. April 6th in Merced at the Yosemite Church, Ticket Info: 209-383-5038