Rock ‘n’ Roll, Dude.

A few weeks ago Pauly Boy called me up and said he had a song fleshed out and wanted to work with me to finish arranging it and then bring the other guys in (Frankie Fingers, Dougie Fresh, and Fish) to record it. Tonight we finished up the majority of the work and will be mixing down a demo version of it so the rest of the band can learn it. They are going to be playing it at church on Good Friday.

I gotta say that I love the creative process. Hearing a song in rough form, and then having ideas rush out of your head so fast you can’t communicate them quickly enough. I love hearing a song take shape, solidify, and then grow so powerful that it makes you shudder, and maybe even brings a tear to your eye. Bob (SOS) and I could write a song every single time we sat down together. This is the joy of making music.

It’s also incredible to work with guys who are just so good at what they do. Being the guy that runs the recording gear, you kind of have to play director, pushing guys to give you what you need to realize the sound you’re looking for. This can cause friction with creative people, so at the same time you have to respect the skills they have. It’s really kind of a dance you do between leadership and servitude. But I’ll tell you… when a guy comes in and just feels the vibe, and knows instinctively what the song is looking for, and then belts it out… it’s impressive to watch.

Anyway, it’s been a TON of fun recording this week. I’m going to twist Paul’s arm and see if I can get his permission to post the song here when it’s done. I’m pretty stoked about it.