Stiamo viaggiando in Italia!

Ok, I THINK that title means, “We’re travelling to Italy!”. If I just insulted every Italian’s mother, I apologize, and I blame BabelFish.

But the news is, that Michelle and I are going to Italy. This year is our 20th anniversary and so we’ve been kicking around some vacation plans. Honestly, we’ve never had a really nice vacation together. We’ve both traveled for work separately, but together, we’ve never been further away than Las Vegas. So I decided that this year I would take my girl on a special trip.

The hard part is deciding where to go. We talked about something like Hawaii or the Bahamas, but neither of us got really excited about sitting on the beach. So I said, hey why not a Mexican cruise? Some friends of ours just did that and they dug it. But again, it would probably be fun, but it just didn’t excite either of us. Somehow, Italy came up and suddenly Michelle’s eyes lit up and she let out her trademark “Ooooooooooh”, and right then I knew that’s where we were going.

It makes sense for us too. We both have sets of grandparents that came to America from Italy. I’m doing some research, but I think they all came from Sicily. So while the hot spots in Italy are places like Rome, and Venice, we’ll probably end up going to Sicily and spending most of our time wandering the smaller, lesser traveled villages. Which honestly, is the way I like to travel. I get more excited about seeing how the regular folks live rather than hang out with a bunch of tourists.

The downside to this adventure is that it’s going to be expensive, and so in order to go we’re not going to be able to make it this year. But I’m hoping by next spring we’ll have enough cash saved up to make the trip. In the mean time I picked up a piece of software and some audio CD’s on Italian. I want us to be able to at least converse on a basic level and with at least a year to practice, that should be doable.