Who Are You, and What Are You Doing Here?

I’ve been looking at the stats for my blog lately and I find them really interesting. I can’t tell who is coming to my site, but I can see what people were searching for when they got here. I can also tell how many people read the site everyday.

Now I don’t get a lot of readers. My highest day was right when I got back from Africa and that was just over 100 reads in one day. But what’s funny is that I’ve been getting a steady amount of reads lately that is much higher than I normally get. So I went and looked at the search terms to find out what people are looking for, and apparently my post on The Public House is bringing in a lot of traffic.

I find this hilarious. Who would have thought that despite all my highly entertaining, craftily written posts, my post on beer would be the most popular? LOL!

Ok, on a different note, I have consolidated all my Africa posts into a new page which you should see at the top of this blog called “My Africa Trip”. I’m still getting a lot of people asking how the trip was so I figured I’d link all the posts on one page to make it easier to read about the trip. Feel free to pass along the link to that page: http://danapellerin.com/my-trip-to-africa/