The Public House

Just yesterday I was talking to a friend of mine and we were lamenting the fact that there’s really no place in Fresno where you can have a good beer, eat some real food, and hang out. It seems we’ve had a lot of new restaurants open lately but they seem to all be advertised as “Vegas style…”, or “where the beautiful people hang out…” or have nothing but sushi. You know what? I hate sushi. Why? Because people who love sushi, always seem to brag about eating it. “Let’s go to sushi”, “We did sushi last night”… Blah blah blah! Why do people do that? Nobody ever says “Yeah, we like totally did pork chops last weekend!”. Right?

Anyway, last night Michelle tells me she wants to go to this place on Ashlan and Cedar in the new Granite Park center and you know what? I now have a new favorite restaurant. It’s called The Public House and is as close as a real Irish pub as you’re going to get in Fresno. The building itself is beautiful, rock and stone everywhere, couches for chillin’ out on, a long bar that has 60 kinds of Scotch and dozens of beers on tap that I haven’t seen since I was in the U.K. myself. And yes, they have Boddington’s baby! I was in heaven.

The food was good too. We had a plate of cooked sausages and then we split an order of fish and chips (what else do you eat in an Irish pub?). I liked the relaxed pace of the place too. The service was really good but they didn’t rush you. If there’s one thing I can’t stand it’s when they’re already pushing the main course on you and throwing a check in your lap and you haven’t even gotten half way through the appetizers. This place was more laid back, like it is in the U.K., and we spent a good three hours there just sipping beers, talking, and making fun of the dude down the bar who kept singing 80’s new wave songs. Good times!

The Public House, check it out.