I just wanted to post a quick note to thank those who have been reading my Africa blogs and have told me they enjoyed them. The common thing I’ve heard is that people felt like they were on the trip themselves and that’s exactly what I was hoping would happen.

It’s not easy to put a personal journal out there for everyone to read. The first inclination is always to “clean things up” for public consumption. But I felt that if people were going to get a glimpse of what it really means to be on a mission trip then I would have to leave everything in. So I tried hard to do that and be as transparent and descriptive as possible.

I think maybe that’s why God presented this opportunity to me. So that I could write about what we saw and felt. And maybe for some of you that will mean that when God presents that particular challenge to you, and you’re asked to step out in a way that seems really uncomfortable, or even crazy, that you’ll take Him up on it.

Anyway, thanks for the encouragement and the kind words.  God bless.