Ethiopia Trip Blog: Final Thoughts

So that was my trip. I hope by me sharing my daily thoughts, as screwy as they may be at times, you got a feel for what it’s like going on a trip like this. I have to honestly say that it was the most personally rewarding two weeks I have ever experienced. There’s never been a time when I’ve been surrounded by so many impressive believers, experienced so many new things, and met so many new and fascinating people.

I just want to thank every single person on the trip for holding it together and making our team a cohesive and focused unit. Despite all the warnings beforehand of “conflict resolution” and this and that, other than some expected homesickness, this team really exhibited a Christian attitude through every situation and I’m proud to have been influenced by these folks. I especially want to thank my band bros and bunk-mates. Without you guys, this trip just would not have been the same.

I want to thank the folks who work there full time. I’ve never met a more incredible group of God fearing folks in my life. Folks who have put aside their own comfort, their own desires to live their lives by Christ’s example, serving others. You are all amazing.

I also want to thank my new friends in Ethiopia, who I’ve already been emailing since I’ve returned. I’ve honestly never met so many strangers who have welcomed us like we were family. These people fed us, opened their homes to us, led us around, let us teach their kids! I’ve learned that the Ethiopian people are an amazing people. Proud yet humble, extremely kind and gracious.

And I want to thank God for opening this door and changing my life forever.

So where to next? Antarctica!!! Ok, just kidding. I’m going to stay home for a while and since it’s our 20th Anniversary this year, Michelle and I are going someplace romantic together this year. But next year, who knows? Maybe I’ll go back to Ethiopia to visit my new friends, and take my family next time.

Thanks for reading.