Ethiopia Trip Blog: Days #13 & #14

January 25, Friday, 10:00PM Ethiopia Time

Today we got up early and went to breakfast. I couldn’t eat. We’ve just been eating way too much on this trip. The rest of the gang had French toast. Yeah, French toast in Ethiopia. Who would have thought?

We made the drive back to Addis, which took a while. There’s so much cattle and stuff crossing the highway you really can’t do 70 or 80 like you can in the states. 45 is really cookin’ here. Anyway, we got back to town and stopped at a pizza joint for lunch. It was really good. Probably some of the best we’ve had here.

We finished off the day with some worship and bible study with a bunch of folks and it was just a really good way to finish off our time here.

January 26, Saturday, 11:00PM Ethiopian Time

Well we’re on our way home. We spent our final day shopping and I bought a ton of stuff for my girls. A bunch of silver and housewares for Michelle and a few bags and trinkets for Deanna. It was a bear getting it all in my bags and I had to fill the cajon with my dirty clothes to make room for everything. Then at the Addis airport they decided to make me empty out all my carry ons. The bag I brought is for my motorcycle and so it’s got a metal frame so it holds it’s shape. Everytime it goes through the scanner they think I’m carrying something dangerous. That’s the last time I use that bag, even though it’s a really cool bag.

Well, going to try to get some sleep. 31 hours of travel ahead of me. Sad to say goodbye, but it will be good to get home.