Ethiopia Trip Blog: Day #12

January 24, Thursday, 8:45PM Ethiopia Time

IMG_3993.JPGToday we drove to a town called Worabi. I think that’s how you spell it anyway. We met an incredible couple named Andy and Coleta who live and work here in this tiny town. We got to their house early and then they drove us up into the hills where we could see across the whole area. It was an amazing sight to see and I am floored how truly beautiful Africa is. I found a nice rock to sit on and just enjoyed the sun shining down on me and the wind blowing through the trees as I looked out over Worabi and the surrounding land.

Afterwards we drove out to the goat project that Andy runs along with some locals. What the goat project does is raise goats (surprised?) and then distribute these goats to widows. As far as I can gather, in cultures like these men play a dominant role and therefore women are dependent on them for many things. If you don’t have a husband or sons, you are pretty much, for lack of a better term, screwed. So the goat project raises healthy goats, and delivers them to the widows and then follows that up with education on how to milk and breed these animals in order for these women to sustain themselves and their children. It’s truly a great project and I was really stunned to find out that Andy, who has degrees in mathematics and computer science, gave up the career opportunities that come with that kind of education to come to Ethiopia and raise goats for poor widows. These are the kinds of people who work here. They are truly amazing.

It was pretty cool visiting the site itself too, although it’s a 40 minute drive down what can only be called a “road” in the loosest sense of the word. I was in the back of the SUV and was hitting my head on the roof so much I have a permanent indent on my cranium from that little button on the top of my baseball cap. Once there though we saw some cool stuff roaming the countryside. Wild boars and baboons to be exact. We were even so “lucky” as to see a few baboons doing…. *ahem*….. adult baboon things right there in the open. The Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom theme song was suddenly filling my head, and oddly enough it was being played on funky guitar with a wah pedal……

ANYWAY…. there was a river close by and so then went down there to check it out. It was nearly dry, but deep enough to skip some rocks in and Justin handily whooped me in our impromptu rock skipping tournament.

After that we went to dinner for what would be our last taste of true Ethiopian food.  Luckily for us, somebody ordered ahead and the restaurant substituted bread for the traditional engera. The meat turned out to be what we think was goat or sheep though, and no, it does NOT taste like chicken. It’s chewy and very oily. They love spices here though and so they served a plate full of some spice that I couldn’t identify. I discovered that if you put enough of it on the goat meat, it isn’t half bad and I ended up nearly clearing my plate.

We finished the evening with some worship together and I have to say that’s been some of my favorite times so far. Just hanging out with believers, jamming some music acoustic style, singing, and just enjoying each other’s company. Good times.