Ethiopia Trip Blog: Day #10

IMG_3743.JPGJanuary 22, Tuesday, 9:46PM Ethiopian Time

Today we got up and had our usual morning devotional before we head out for the day. Always good to get your mind focused on God first thing. I feel kind of bad today though. After our normal scripture reading and what not the subject of missing home was brought up and everyone was asked to talk about something they miss from home… and I just kind of popped.

There’s two reasons I got a little perturbed really. One, each of us was required to share something of an personal nature and that just doesn’t wash with me. If I feel the need to share, I’ll do it. If I don’t feel the need, I don’t appreciate being coerced because now I have to be serious on command. What am I supposed to do, make something up?? And that leads me into my second reason for being ticked, is that I really hadn’t missed home. That’s going to sound cold, but honestly, I came all the way to Ethiopia to do a task. God and my band brothers have kept me very good company. I feel very content at the moment and feel like I have a real purpose here. Yes I miss my girls, but that was fully expected and something I’m prepared to deal with. So the last thing I needed was to start getting sappy about being away from home with 6 days left in the trip, and I kind of said so.

Later though, I felt bad. The fact is that not everyone handles problems the same way, and with my “suck it up” attitude, I very well could have stifled somebody else who really needed to be able to open up to the group. So I feel like crap about that. I need to learn to bite my tongue at times.

After our devotional time we went and spent a full day at Destiny. I’m telling you, these kids are amazing. I’m starting to learn their little quirks and personality traits. Who is the thoughtful one, who is the emotional one, who are the smart ones and who struggle a little. The fifth graders are my favorite. There’s Gutu who’s got a chipped tooth and always seems to be dirtier than the other kids. He’s so eager, and helps us keep the pre-school kids organized during our courtyard singalong times. There’s another kid, I think Frank said his name was Manuel or something like that. He’s a very thoughtful and quiet kid, but incredibly smart. I asked him what he does after school and he said that he goes home and studies. Then there’s little Betelem. What a stunning little girl she is. Very quiet, very reserved. Her eyes are like amber and when she smiles her face glows like a morning sunrise. It’s in these kids faces that God’s incredible love becomes obvious.

It’s been a blast here at the school.  Everyone is singing John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt, which is kind of funny when you think about it. That’s going to be our greatest gift to Ethiopian culture. Ha!