Ethiopia Trip Blog: Day #2

January 14, Monday,  8:30AM Pacific Time

We’re airborne!

Justin and I roomed together last night and both woke before the alarm went off. We showered and then head downstairs right on time then waited another 20 minutes for the stragglers to come down. This is going to be a challenge for me. I’m kind of anal about being on time. It’s a matter of respect for others people’s time. I’m sucking it up though.

We had a decent breakfast in the airport. An expensive one though. $20 for an omelet and toast. Crap! After that it was through security. Poor Karen had all her stuff gone through, and it seems like she brought just about everything under the sun! Paul had to open his guitar for security as well. I was waiting for the TSA agent to ask him to play the darn thing to prove it was a real guitar and not some diabolical instrument of death. Of  course, some would say that Paul’s playing can be deadly, but I would never say such a thing. Just kidding bro.

So now we’re on the plane and we have a 4 or so hour flight to D.C.. I have an aisle seat (thank God!) next to an old lady who’s going to Switzerland to go hiking. That’s awesome! I hope I’m as adventurous when I get to be her age. She’s got to be in her 60’s at least. I’ll have to talk to her some more and get the details of her trip before we land.

So I’m looking at my watch and it has an altimeter. It reads 1300 feet right now. Now I don’t know how it determines the altitude because we’re at 30,000 feet. Maybe it senses the air pressure?  I always feel light headed on airplanes though and maybe it’s due to the lower air pressure?

January 14, Monday, 1:55PM Eastern Time

OK, I just wrote March 14. Am I already losing it? Anyway, as you can see I’ve switched to Eastern Time. Soon I’ll be on Ethiopian Time!

So I’m sitting on the plane, trying to pass the time. I watched a wretched movie with The Rock where he plays a football player who suddenly finds out he has a daughter and gets put into all kinds of “hilarious” situations. It’s the typical Kindergarden Cop formula. Not bad for the average 8 year old; Good clean humor. But the only thing it did for me was make me miss Deanna.

So I’ve read some more of the Richard Mattheson book I bought. He’s an interesting author. In these short stories you can see him experimenting with different styles. Maybe he’s trying to find his stride as a writer. Some are intriguing and others not so much. But that’s the good thing about a short story, if it sucks, it doesn’t suck for long. One cool thing I discovered; One of his short stories was made into a short movie in the 70’s that I really liked. It was about this gal who picks up a souvineer for her boyfriend; An african warrior doll. The doll supposedly contains the spirit of a warrior and it wears a necklace that keeps the spirit subdued. Well, as all good horror stories go, the necklace falls off and the doll comes to life, chasing the girl all over her apartment and attempting to kill her with a steak knife. It was scary as hell watching it when I was a kid, and so it was cool to read it now.

It’s interesting watching the people around me on this plane. The old lady next to me has spent most of the flight in her socks (for some reason it grosses me out when people take of their shoes on planes) and has her legs up on the seat in front of her. Her position is kind of like one would assume at the gynecologists office. It’s pretty unnerving to be honest.

Everyone is doing well so far though. Alicia is a little freaked out by flying, but she’s managing to hold it together. Oh yeah, the cookies Dave made for us are KILLER. I’ve got one left and I’m saving it for the next flight.

January 14, Monday, 8:40PM Eastern Time

We’re on our way to Ethiopia! I’m starting to get really tired. 4 hours of sleep last night and a full day of travel takes it out of you. I’m not too bad though. My plan is to stay up as much as possible so I can crash hard when we land in Ethiopia. It will be evening when we land.

Ok, so first thoughts. Already it’s obvious that Ethiopians are a friendly people. There’s a lady behind me telling the kids that walk by “You will love my country!”. I haven’t figured out yet if that’s because the Ethiopians on this plane obviously have money, so maybe they can afford to be happy. It will be interesting to see the contrast between rich and poor when I hit the ground.

The stewardesses speak Amharic on this flight. It’s an interesting language. It sounds like other middle eastern languages but has hints of European languages mixed in. I love how they pronounce the word “Ethiopia”. We say it “Eee-Thee-Oh-Pee-Ah”, but they say it “Eeth-Yo-Pyah”. Awesome.