Ethiopia Trip Blog: Day #1

January 13, Sunday, 10:30PM Pacific Time

Had a rocking set at church today. Afterward I spent my few last hours with the family before the trip then got in the van for the drive to San Francisco. It wasn’t a bad drive, a little cramped but not too bad. It’s funny though listening to the conversations of the team as everyone gets better acquainted. All the girls shared stories of how they met their husbands and all about their individual quirks. For instance, one of the gals husband hates beans. In fact, if there’s beans on his plate he won’t eat anything they touch. Pretty funny. I guess we are just big kids after all.

So we got to our hotel and had a brief meeting to discuss the next day. We’ve got to get some sleep. We’re getting up at 3:30AM to catch the shuttle for an early flight to Washington D.C. and then on to Ethiopia. It’s going to be a long day!