Africa Blog #8

Our Africa trip is fast approaching! I’ve nearly got everything I need for the trip and I’m getting real excited about what waits for us over there. One of the biggest questions all of us have had is what exactly we’ll be doing. People constantly ask me this and I’ve had to just say…. I don’t know! But I got an email last night with a few details.

Since we’re mostly “artists” types, musicians, artists, etc, the itinerary is starting to shape up taking that into account. So as a band guy, I’ll be spending a lot of time playing. Which is just awesome! They’ve told us that we’ll be providing music and things for the full time volunteers who are over there. I would guess that it’s a rare occasion to have a full band come in and play, so this should be really cool. Also we’re going to visit orphanages and schools where we’ll be helping kids with schoolwork, teaching music, and doing a bunch of interactive music stuff like drum circles and crafts and things.

As the details trickle in, I’m really getting excited. This is going to be amazing!